Here goes!

Can you imagine someone telling you to write for 20 minutes and you have to write the first thing that comes to your mind.  I have so many random thoughts always going through my mind that i have no clue where to start. The added twist is that they want us to publish this piece of random thoughts! Scary Concept!!! I mean who wants someone out there judging what i’m writing or better yet, thinking what I’ve written is complete and utter rubbish.  It’s hard allowing people to criticize you, regardless of it is constructive or not.

I’m debating if i have it in me to start a blog and it actually make sense.  I’ve read so many blogs that i have no clue if mine will ever be good enough.  I want to blog about what i’m passionate about.  My background has always been in Accounting (not passionate about this), but it seemed like the reasonable choice in college when deciding what to major in.  My passion is anything is related to weddings, especially weddings that involve customs and traditions.  But, how do you start! What to do…

(In writing all this i keep looking at the clock and realize– 20 minutes doesn’t really go by fast….gasp…it’s only been 6 minutes…and another 14 to go. Not a good start on my part since I keep staring at the clock…)

I’m wondering if i need to be concerned about proper grammar in writing this blurb for 20 minutes.  Part of me really wants to go back and proofread this posts, but i’m trying to convince myself not too.  Let’s see if towards the end of my 20 minutes, i go back and proofread this.  I took a career test yesterday and needless to say, writing was not my career path.  I’m a numbers nerd! I was told based upon my answers, i am qualified to do the following: finance, stock broker, treasurer,  auditor.  Everything i am good at but nothing i am passionate about.  I’ve always wondered that when we take career tests, do we answer them honestly or according to what the answers should be.  I know that i probably answer the questions according to what i think the answers should vs. honesty.  Hence, why i always end up with the same career suggestions.

What else can i write about.  Also, i’m passionate about organizing! The more i can organize the better i feel.  I organize my closet to help me calm down or relax! I don’t understand how people can survive living in constant clutter or surrounded by chaos.  Everyone tells me i’m crazy because they feel i organize too much.  My personal motto is: One can never organized enough!!

I’m still trying to rack my brain as to what i should i write. Gosh, it’s hard trying to write random blurbs!! But, the sweet part is that i hope i get feedback and thoughts on how to improve my writing style or what i should do.  Maybe, i should never write and its not something i’m good at! Only time will tell! Did i tell you that i love to READ and have finally broken the habit of watching television all the time!! That has definitely made me feel better! Ok the 20 is up! And the only i did do was spell check…everything else i left as is…



14 thoughts on “Writing101

  1. Your free writing looks similar to mine. Good job publishing it unedited. I haven’t done the prompt yet, not sure if I’m brave enough to not edit. Btw, I totallu agree with you in organizing. I’d rather be organizing than doing much else.

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    • LOL! I don’t think i would want to do wedding planning. I enjoy viewing how others have planned their weddings. What is different. I feel that to do any type of planning– one needs to be creative. I am definitely not creative 🙂
      Organized Yes! Creative No!

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      • I think anyone who is good at being organized is creative although many creative minds will disagree. I always like to say I am organized in a disorganized way. Nice to meet you

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  2. Well this was a well-written stream of thought! And yes, I agree – one can never be organized enough! 🙂 And by the way, you left some i’s un-capitalized. But I guess you know that already! Cheers!


  3. On the career test you might have submitted answers you think are right… But in this blog I see complete honesty. That is what makes your blog authentic and interesting. Love it so far!

    Just like you’d tell me to not give up on organizing and how it just takes a initial start…I will encourage you to not give up and continue blogging whatever your heart desires! 🙂

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  4. It’s courageous putting up such open post like that! Well done.

    I hope at some point you’ll write about weddings or some books you like. I think it always helps when you’re writing on a subject you’re already into.

    In your post you said you weren’t sure if you were good at writing and maybe you shouldn’t do it. I hope you don’t let those thoughts stop you from enjoying it. If you want to do it, do it. Writing doesn’t have to be perfect to be good, it just has to mean something to you.

    Looking forward to reading more from you.



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