Writing 101: Day 7: Write a post based on the contrast between two things!

The twist: Needs to be in form of a dialogue.

I walked into his living room like I normally do. I never knock, but today, I should have knocked. I had a gut wrenching feeling that I would not like what I saw inside.

When I walked in I saw him sitting there with his ex. He was holding his head in the palms of his hands and his ex was sitting on the smaller couch crying. .

I glanced at them  and said to him, “Sorry, I didn’t realize you had company.”

He looked up with a shocked expression and replied, “Yes, it was unexpected company.”

What an awkward situation to be in, your ex-wife crying on the couch and your girlfriend standing in the doorway.  At that point, I wished I could be a fly on the wall and listen to their conversation.

I take a couple of steps towards the door and turn around and say, “Give me a call later once your situation is resolved.”

Instead of him replying, she answered rudely, “Thanks for leaving!”

I could sense a few choices words forming in my mind upon her answer.  It took everything in me to walk out of that room and not say another word.


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